Taizhou beneficial links auto parts Limited was established in 1982 (formerly the Yuhuan County traffic accessories Kanmen a plant) is a professional health Nissan Motors Chai (Vapor) engine oil valve spring Block (Block Valve Spring), the lock block (Block gas locks), bolt, elbow joints, connectors, plug, plug bowl, plug, various types of asphalt valve, intake and exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe cycle, stamping parts and other products to the enterprises. Located in the southeast coastal Zhejiang Golden beautiful coastline Yuhuan middle of the peninsula, from Wenzhou airport 30 miles, Luqiao airport 60 km, abutting 104 State Line Road, the traffic is convenient and quick.
   As for the quality of corporate life, the technical capabilities of the blood, and the introduction of continuous training, the introduction of high-precision, highly efficient production equipment, advanced processing technology, improve production testing equipment. Constantly improve the quality of enterprise management system, and strive to achieve quality management standards meet the world the same level, in 1999 passed the ISO 9000 certification in 2002 through the QS 9000 certification, 2005 ISO / TS 16949-2002 certification now.
   The company has long-term customers : Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Jiangling Automobile Co., Ltd. Foton Auto Ltd. and other environmental impetus famous domestic enterprises.
   The company has developed client : Nanchang engine Jiangling Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai diesel engine plant, Zhejiang Cage Auto Parts Limited, Jiangxi-industry vehicle accessories Ltd., Nanchang Industrial Electrical Co. Ltd., Dongfeng Shiyan nonferrous castings Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Die Limited, Asian and new technology Noise and Vibration (Anhui) Limited.
   Companies are developing customer : Takeo Cummins Engine Company, Changan Ford Mazda Engine Company!
   My company to ,quality first, credibility-based, purposes, in the new century, we will continue to reform and innovation, to develop the market, general manager of the company carrying all staff heartfelt gratitude to all the new and old customers for the companyis support and help, a gracious welcome with counterparts at home and abroad to establish permanent cooperation between the total Poon plans.
 The company has production sites standard and advanced manufacturing facilities, to the economic and efficient production of high quality, low-cost products to meet customer needs.
      The company has a spacious office environment, allow unimpeded various management thinking in the companyis overall operation, the entire company as a high-speed stability of the overall operation.
      Brilliant concise training sites qualified staff is the cradle Most of the companyis existing management of cadres and workers are outstanding go from here to work.
      Advanced, high-precision production equipment so that the customers and the special requirements of the important technical requirements are fully met.

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